Aperitif at the Galleri Frøya

The Galleri Frøya has many wonderful art and craft works, with the prime focus being on works made in wool.

The gallery has been built up by Karin Flatøy Svarstad and has a series of exhibitions throughout the year, mainly showing work in wool. Karin holds various courses throughout the whole year and also does a lot of work for the Summer Academy. Kalvåg has set up a culture centre based in the old 1950s shops. This is where Galleri Frøya is located, with its workrooms, teaching rooms, shop and loft gallery with its large roof terrace.

We meet up in the gallery for sparkling wine, fruit and snacks, an orientation of the gallery and then the chance to mingle while viewing the various types of art. The gallery also has its own shop.

There may also be an opportunity for including lectures, musical interludes or similar.