Kalvåg Academy

The Summer Academy aims to develop and connect the national and international art and culture network. It is particularly active in exchange and partnership work with the islands in its “western link”.

The Summer Academy offers activities for those looking for experiences of an artistic and cultural nature, arranging courses in painting, working with felt, and other activities. The courses are open to all, from those with prior experience to those just wanting to learn something new.

Concerts, art exhibitions and tours can all be experienced in special and distinctive surroundings. See separate programme. The Summer Academy begins its art school in Kalvåg as early as April/May. Professional teachers run a rich variety of courses for you to take part in.

In connection with deer hunting, we currently have at our disposal two hunting areas. The terrain is nice and easy. 2 x 4 km including two smaller plantations. Accommodation, food and drink, slaughter facilities and refrigerated storage are all available at Knutholmen.

It is also possible to hire a local guide.

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