Helicopter Sightseeing

Tour 1: Local sightseeing over Kalvåg and Hornelen (20 mins), price NOK 3,900 per person
Tour 2: Kalvåg, Hornelen and Vågsvåg (30 mins), price NOK 4,400 per person
Tour 3: Kalvåg, Hornelen and Ålfotbreen (60 mins), price NOK 5,900 per person
*Prices are valid for a minimum party of 6.

Practical information: all tours start out from Kalvåg unless otherwise agreed.
The helicopter takes up to 7 passengers for a comfortable tour to various destinations around the area.
If you have a particular preference for a route, we will be happy to customise your tour.
Please contact us for parties of more than 7 persons. The tours are subject to changes in timing and
routes or cancellation at short notice due to changes in the weather.
*Prices are valid for a minimum party of 6.